IP Days

Students’ arrival.
1: 20/08/12
09h00 Presentation of Banyuls station
09h30 Lecture: Origins of Life: recent results (M-C Maurel, UPMC, Paris)
14h00 Lecture: The ghosts behind the molecules: prebiotic chemistry, the RNA World, and the origins of life (A. Lazcano, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)

16h00 Presentation of PROJECT sessions and organisation of multinational groups
2 : 21/08/12
09h00 Lecture: Temperature and Life (G. Boeuf, UPMC, Banyuls)
14h00 Lecture: From the first elements to the exoplanets : is there any life elsewhere ?(S. Vauclair, University of Toulouse)

16h00 Presentation by the students of their country and University
20h00 PROJECT Sessions 1
3 : 22/08/12
09h00 Lecture: Water and Life (G. Boeuf, UPMC, Banyuls)
11h00 Visit of the aquarium of the oceanographic station of Banyuls
14h00 Lecture: Life under pressure (Dr G. Hervé, CNRS, UPMC, Paris)
16h00 Lecture: Origin and evolution of metabolism (J. Pereto University of Valencia)
Tutorial course: Tree-thinking: introduction to phylogenetic analysis and exercises (J. Pereto University of Valencia)

20h00 PROJECT Sessions 2
4 : 23/08/12
9h00 Lecture: GMOs, agriculture and food for a global world (J.P. Beltran and D. Ramon, Valencia)
14h00 Lecture: GMOs life in biosphere(E. Téoulé, INRA-UPMC, Versailles)
16h00 Lecture: Evolution of the biosphere in the Precambrian (E. Javaux, University of Liège)

20h00 PROJECT Sessions 3
5 : 24/08/12
Visit to Tautavel, followed by a festive dinner
6 : 25/08/12
09h30 Lecture: From protocells to minimal cells: models and experimental vesicle systems (Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, EHU-UPV, Basque Country)

14h00 PROJECT Sessions 4
20h00 PROJECT Sessions 5
7 : 26/08/12

8 : 27/08/12
09h00 Lecture: From cell body to biodiversity(D. Volkmann, University of Bonn)
11h00 Lecture: Micro-Gravity research in life and physical sciences (J. Van Loon, President of the European Low Gravity Research Association, ELGRA)
14h00 Lecture: Biological rhythms of mammals in space(M. Egli, University of Zürich)

20h00 PROJECT Sessions 6
9 : 28/08/12
09h00 ESA Day
14h00 ESA conferences

20h00 PROJECT Sessions 7
10 : 29/08/12
09h00 Lecture:Evolution of land plants (R. Swarup, University of Nottingham)
11h00 Lecture: Life on other planets, the case of Mars (M. Cabane, UPMC, Paris)

14h00 PROJECT Sessions 8
11 30/08/12
Oral presentation by the students of their project (PowerPoint presentation)
12 31/09/12
Oral presentation by the students of their project (PowerPoint presentation)
Evaluation of IP by students and teachers
Students travel